THE LOVELY THRILLS  is the personal fashion blog of Sydney-based Jess Rodgers, a fashion design graduate with a feminine personal aesthetic and a love of Australian designer labels.

Jess has always chosen to express her love of fashion and the fashion industry in practical ways. After having her HSC textiles major work displayed at the TexStyle exhibition in 2007, she chose to take her passion to the next level by completing a Bachelor of Art majoring in Fashion Design at Raffles College of Design and Commerce, North Sydney. Below are images from her graduate collection, titled 'Ricorerre Capri' completed in June 2012.

During her time studying she was required to complete an industry internship, which led her to the door of the incredibly talented design duo Bec & Bridge. This amazing experience working for an incredible team really confirmed to Jess that this is the industry she loved, and wanted to be immersed in professionally. After completing uni and her internship she was offered the position of 'Customer Service and Marketing Coordinator' for the company looking after the labels August Street and Pink Stitch. This first-hand experience taught Jess a lot about the inner-workings of the fashion industry, something sure to stay with her for years to come.

 During this time working in the fashion industry, Jess was constantly purchasing many Australian designer label items, through online retailers and also from a number of designer studio sales. It was one thing to be wearing these to work, but Jess wanted a way to share her love of these beautiful pieces with a wider audience. After working first-hand with a number of Sydney-based fashion bloggers through work, she decided this would be a path worth looking into as a way of expressing her personal style and ever-growing wardrobe. After a few weeks of deliberation and planning, The Lovely Thrills was born. The original plan for the blog was to focus on the many items Jess was purchasing for sale prices, but as time progressed it became an outlet for her to express her personal style through both sale and retail price items.

In the future Jess hopes to be able to colaborate with more Australian labels, and share her love of their unique take on fashion trends with her ever-growing audience.

Images from Jess' capsule collection, 'Ricorrere Capri'