Tuesday, 7 June 2016

All Black Everything


 Wearing: Lioness 'Palermo' Blazer, vintage black mini dress, Siren 'Rev' OTK Boots, Sunglasses from Glassons in Queenstown, New Zealand

I have never been a fan of black. 
If given a choice of black or colour, you can bet 9.9 times out of 10 I would be going for the colour option (even if I originally thought I wanted black).
This hasn't been a conscious decision; it's just that all my life I have loved colour and black has always felt boring, and weren't we always told "life's too short for boring clothes?"

I think I'm at a point where that mindset is changing, and I finally see the value of black.

Suddenly, I'm finding myself being drawn to black clothing. I never felt confident to wear an all-black outfit before (black pants, top & coat / jacket), but now I'm finding myself doing it more and more often. 
And much to my surprise, I actually love it.

This look is a fun take on all black. I love all of the components of this outfit, and together they make a great look that would be perfect for a multitude of occasions (partying with girlfriends, date night with your man, a day trip to the city, dinner & drinks...you name it!)

Military-style blazers are a big feature of this Winter season, and this one is a really affordable alternative to the lust-worthy options that cost $600+. I was eyeing off a far more expensive option when I came across this Lioness blazer in a local store, and for the price the quality is great! I hadn't purchased anything from Lioness before, so was really impressed with the fit, the fabric & the detail.

Another of my Winter loves - over the knee boots. Great for a multitude of reasons:
1) They make your legs look super long
2) They keep your legs warm even when its freezing
3) They give added stability compared to standard heels
4) They look great with skirts, dresses, shorts or pants - making them a great trans-seasonal option for in-between weather
I missed out on purchasing another Siren pair of OTK boots I really loved about three years ago, so when these became available I was super stoked to finally find a substitute! I love this pair because they are super-fitted, but most brands make a variety of widths so they can be worn easily with pants.