Tuesday, 3 May 2016



Wearing: 'Baby' Tee by Supre, 'Reef' print A-line mini skirt by Josh Goot (purchased at Melbourne Pop-Up Shop for $195), Three Strap Heels by Asos, 'Clubmaster' Sunglasses by Ray-Ban

I am constantly saying how much I love colour, and trying to convince myself to (ever) adopt the monochrome trend is something I am sure I will continue to fail miserably at. Even when wearing an outfit that is predominantly black, I always unintentionally find a way to inject at least a small pop of colour into it.

This look contains two of my greatest fashion weaknesses - statement heels and Josh Goot. I never seem to be able to leave a store or online retailer with a pair of classic black heels; I constantly find myself once again succumbing to the prettiest, shiniest, most eye-catching shoes in the store. Generally I don't consider this at all a bad thing - except that when an occasion does arise where I need something refined, I really don't own anything appropriate.

I purchased these heels last-minute for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia 2015, and I remember on my way in a little girl exclaiming to her mum, "Look mummy, it's a princess!" as I walked past them. Talk about adorable! I love simple three strap heels, as they give slightly more support than two strap heels while still being minimalist in appearance. Of course, when I purchased this pair I was originally looking for the same style in black, but when I couldn't find them I settled for iridescent hot pink instead. Makes total sense - not! But this is how my brain works...."if at first you don't succeed, just impulse buy whatever tugs at your heart strings!"

Josh Goot is a brand I will continue to have a love affair with for many years to come. Probably one of the most-featured labels on my blog, I have an obsession with his use of beautiful silks and incredible vibrant graphic prints. I originally purchased the white Reef tee several years ago, and regretted ever since not also buying the A-line skirt. However in September last year on an impulse trip to Melbourne I found the skirt at the Josh Goot pop-up shop, and it was a piece I knew I wasn't leaving without. I love an A-line skirt because it is the perfect shape to give girls like me a 'false' waist, and in the total opposite circumstance can also hide curves on hourglass-shape figures (giving the illusion that the shape is all in the skirt), which makes it a great shape for a range of different body shapes. They're also super practical, and not a struggle to walk in like their fitted mini counterparts!
This outfit could easily be dressed down with a pair of sneakers for a more street-style look, which is both stylish and practical.