Monday, 21 March 2016


Wearing: 'Santa Rosa Maxi Dress' by For Love and Lemons (via Revolve), Belt from eBay, 'Team' Boots from Smith & Western, 'Callie' Necklace by Frankly My Dear

I've always been entranced by the free spirited females who where absolutely nothing like me. I follow so many of these girls on Instagram who live in Byron Bay and Hawaii and the like, who seemingly spend every day in stunning boho maxi dresses and leather boots and look so relaxed and carefree; its exactly what I wish my life was like! However my is the total opposite - I'm constantly in a manic rush and that's why I live through them & their perfectly curated social media accounts. And I'm sure its really not what every single day of their life is like at all - but they sure do a great job of convincing otherwise!

I recently went on a road trip around the South Island of New Zealand with a girlfriend, which is where we shot the photos in this post. I was so in love with the landscape; it reminded me of America and Coachella and I couldn't help but stop to take advantage of it, because it was so perfectly suited to this absolutely amazing dress.

For Love and Lemons is easily my new favourite non-Australian label. Their luxe-boho styling is to die for, and I have a wishlist nearly one hundred lines long of all the clothes I would love to buy from them if I had an endless supply of money.
That being said; this dress was an instant favourite. I love the soft burgundy tone and the floral pattern, I love the flowing shape and the tassles on the sleeves and neck, I love the playfully sheer fabric. The slight frill at the hem and the pin tucks on the bodice & sleeves are additional details that make you realise this was a really thought-out piece, where everything was considered and tie together to create the perfect casual-statement maxi. This vintage-inspired belt is a perfect accompaniment, which gives the dress some shape and continues with the all-American feel I was aiming for.

I fell in love with these boots in Queenstown, in a little boutique store called Smith & Western. They stock some of my Australian favourites like One Teaspoon, while also carrying a range of New Zealand and international labels I hadn't heard of but loved being acquainted with. A quality pair of leather boots is going to be a great investment for many years to come, something of which every girl should own (at least!) one pair. These ones have beautiful styling, and I couldn't leave without them. I'm looking forward to Winter to take full advantage of how amazing they are!