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The Perfect Dress for Valentine's Day

I'm the type of girl who can justify any purchase. If there's something I really want, I can come up with a perfectly reasonable explanation as to why I need to purchase it RIGHT NOW.
Example: "Oh this dress is incredible! I'm sure I will have a friend getting engaged at some time this year...I definitely need this so I have something to wear to the engagement party! And buying it now means I won't have to spend money later in the year when I may not have its actually a really smart purchase!"
Or, "Oooohh look at those Nike sneakers! I know I don't do any exercise....but if I had those shoes, it would definitely motivate me to do more! Its a decision for my health and well-being! I should buy them now before they sell out." (And I wear them once, then they sit in my room gathering dust, but looking oh-so-pretty until I eventually decide I should venture outside again).

One occasion you definitely don't need an excuse to buy something new for is Valentine's Day. Whether you're dressing to impress that special man in your life, or it's a justification to buy yourself something super pretty, there is a perfect dress waiting for every girl out there.
I've put together a selection of my favourite lust-worthy dresses in a range of Valentine's appropriate styles & colours. The best part? They're all available online with free international shipping over $100, and if you choose the express option they will arrive before next weekend.

The Sultry Siren

Nothing says class and elegance like a beautiful black dress. Whether it be lace or satin, fitted or flared, black is guaranteed to make a bold statement in an understated way. A black colourway together with a V neckline or strapless bodice instantly gives a dress a sexy, feminine appeal, and proves you don't have to show a lot of leg to turn heads. 

Satin slip dresses are a current favourite in the fashion world, and I love the dress 1 rendition with delicate lace insert panels. This adds another dimension to the dress, and makes it more than just a basic slip. 
Of the black dresses, dress 2 is my personal favourite. I love midi dresses, and the A-line shape of the skirt is perfect for many different body shapes. The deep V neckline is a daring statement, however I like that it has been softened with sheer edging. This is a beautiful refined style, that nods to the classics while still being exceptionally on-trend.
If there was ever an occasion for the LBD, it would be Valentine's Day. Dress 5 is a fun take on this style, and the perfect in-between of playful and sexy. Sometimes you can get away with showing off both chest & legs (which is usually a fashion faux pas), and V-day is definitely the exception to the rule.
Dress 4 is a stunning, classic style, made modern with the asymmetrical hemline. This dress would suit a multitude of different date possibilities, and would be a perfect choice if your man says something along the lines of "Wear something nice, the location is a surprise". You can't go wrong with an elegant style like this.
Saving the best until last, Dress 3 is one of those incredible pieces which really does have it all. The deep V neck, the sheer waist panels, the full, floaty lace skirt...its a piece dreams are made of. This style of dress really does require a model-like figure to look this exceptional, but if you have it, why not make the most of it!

The Flirty Femme

Pink is the perfect colour for a fun & flirty Valentine's Day dress, and a great choice for a first date or semi-relaxed occasion. Soft shades and delicate fabrications feel feminine and sensual, and are a great alternative to a bold, statement colour.

To me, nothing says 'special occasion' quite like a beautiful lace dress, or a dress with lace detailing. Lacey fabrics and pastel pink tones tie together beautifully, creating looks that are soft & feminine with a certain air of innocence about them (which is why they are perfect for first dates - you're there for a good time and things aren't too 'serious' yet, and you want your dress to match the occasion).
Dress 5 is the perfect example of a beautifully delicate pink dress, which feels like it was made for a Valentine's date. It reminds me of a ballerina or a garden fairy, and would be well-suited to a light-hearted, fun evening event.
Lace can still make a statement, as is demonstrated in dress 4. This is my overall favourite of all the dresses in this post, and with one look it should be easy to see why. The incredible detailing is breath-taking, and it is a statement piece proving that you can be conservative while still commanding attention. It's not cheap, but a piece like this would be worth saving up for.
You can wear pink and still look incredibly sexy, which dress 3 demonstrates oh-so-well. The fitted shape together with the deep V cut-out neckline show that you're a girl who knows what you want, and just how to get it.  If your man's jaw doesn't drop to the floor seeing you in this dress, slap him, because he obviously had his eyes closed!

The Sexy Vixen

There's a reason why they say that red is the colour of love, and these dresses are definitely easy to fall in love with. Whether you're looking to impress a man you already have, or attract the eye of someone new; you're guaranteed to be the centre of attention in a fiery red number. 

My personal favourites of the red dresses are dress 1 and dress 5, which are a slightly softer take on the typically bold colour; toned down further by the beautiful lace fabrication. If you're not brave enough to bare all with a totally sheer style like dress 1, a fully-lined style like dress 5, is a great alternative and is equally as eye-catching.
The lattice detailing through the centre of the bodice of dress 4 is a playful addition in an otherwise quite conservative dress. The midi-length of the skirt gives the dress a sophisticated feel, and the cut out detailing adds a sexy element. This is a great style for small-busted women; which accentuates the bust area without exposing too much.
Dresses 2 & 3 are great for those girls who are confident with their bodies, and not afraid to show off what they've got. Dress 2 is a slightly more relaxed shape, which would be great for a daytime or casual date, while dress 3 would be the perfect number for a fun-loving party girl and a night out on the town.

For more perfect Valentine's pieces (no matter what the day & night may hold) click here.

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