Saturday, 5 December 2015


Wearing: Stripe Crop by Forever 21, Silk Skirt (self-made), 'Pigalle 100' Heels by Christian Louboutin, Double Pearl bracelet by All Stars Glitter

This outfit was a play on the black & white tradition of Derby Day in the Australian Spring Racing calendar. Although I was far from the race track, the monochromatic colour palette was something I could incorporate into this fun, party-occasion outfit.

I am a firm believer that cropped tops should only be worn in partnership with high-waisted bottoms. Too much skin is hardly ever flattering or appropriate (lets face it, we're not all supermodels and we don't spend our lives at the beach 24/7, so there's really no need to be exposing that much of yourself on a daily basis).

This top is not something I would usually wear as I am generally found in more loose-fitting pieces, however off-the shoulder style tops are something I really do love. This is an easy way to give an outfit a laid-back feel, while still feeling 'fashion-conscious'.

I made this skirt when I wanted something to wear to a fashion event I was invited to about 18 months ago. Since then I have seen many similar renditions pop up in stores and online, so I guess I was well on the money for trend prediction! Full circle skirts such as this are great for all body shapes - they give shape to girls who aren't particularly curvy, and they also help to hide curves for girls who are concerned about their size. I personally love them; whether short or long, but this length is my favourite. Adding the sheer panel gives the skirt a playful & slightly sexy feel, which can often be lost in styles which aren't fitted.

When styling a casual daytime outfit I would usually pair a fitted top with a loose-fitting bottom, or a flowy top with a tight-fitting bottom, as this gives your body shape while still being flattering. Wearing a tight-fitting top & bottom together (especially if you're wearing a crop) is something I would expect to see at a nightclub....and even then, unless you have a model's figure, it's not guaranteed to be super flattering anyway. 
It is much safer to wear an outfit that accentuates your shape without putting it all on display; e.g. by wearing a pair of skinny jeans with an oversized tee if you love your legs, or a fitted top with a pair of high-waisted wide leg pants or maxi skirt (you can always find a style with thigh-high splits if you want something fun!)