Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Beach Run

Wearing: 'The Player' Sports Bra & Shorts by Victoria's Secret Sport, 'Free Run' shoes by Nike

I should start off by saying this post is pretty much a lie, because I'm not very athletic. But hey - beautiful scenery can motivate people to do things out of the ordinary; right?! That's the line I'm sticking to anyway.

I've always said to myself that if I lived by the ocean, I would commit to being far more active than I can bear to be now. There's something incredibly refreshing and energising about the coast, and I love spending hours walking up and down the beach when I'm on holidays. These photos were taken along a track that runs along the edge of a golf course that backs straight onto ocean cliffs, and its absolutely stunning. I would happily spend every single day here (if I could!)

Although Victoria's Secret is first and foremost known for their lingerie and yearly runway shows, there is a lot more to this brand than that. Their VSX sports line is equally as amazing, and I own several of their sports bras, along with sports tights & shorts. They have styles to suit different body shapes and active endeavours; from running to yoga to high impact sports. The prices are comparable to the top active wear companies in Australia, but they are well worth the money (and you're paying for quality, not just a label).