Thursday, 12 November 2015

Gem Obsession

 Wearing: Gemstone Dress (via St Frock), Mint Suede Heels by Windsor Smith, 'Miami Mint' Fedora by Lack of Color

Ever since I was really young, I've had an almost hypnotising love of crystals. I remember receiving a  pocket guide book for probably my seventh birthday (of which I trawled google images to find a photo of):
This tiny book became one of my post prized possessions, and I know I still have it stashed away somewhere. Considering that was almost twenty years ago - it shows how much I really loved it! Everything about crystals amazed me; their incredible shapes, their beautiful colours, the sheer number of different varieties that existed...I could never have enough. Every family holiday was overruled by me needing to find a crystal shop and add some new specimens to my collection (which I always managed to do - I don't know how we always ended up going places that sold gemstones!!)

Anyway; back to the present...when I came across this gorgeous dress from St Frock, it reminded me of everything I loved about my childhood. Not only was it incredibly beautiful, for me it also had very strong nostalgic vibes which immediately drew me to it. I'm not a person overly fond of change; I'm extremely sentimental and anything that reminds me of my childhood brings an instant smile to my face. So, for obvious reasons, this dress needed to be in my possession.

I love the cute t-shirt shape with a slightly fitted waist, which is great if you want something feminine without being totally OOT girly. It's casual enough to be worn as a day dress; but also pretty enough to be worn to parties and events. I'm a total fan, and definitely going to be making the most of this pretty little number over Summer!