Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Knitted Dreams

Wearing: 'Hold Me Close' Knit Cardi via St Frock, Grey Singlet via General Pants, Leather Pants by Theory, '420s' Sneakers by New Balance via Asos

I'm not a huge fan of winter, even though I'm not really a huge fan of summer either. I much prefer the in-between weather of Autumn or Spring...just like Goldilocks with her stolen porridge - 'not too hot and not too cold'.

The one great thing about winter is amazing coats and cardis, of which I am slowly increasing my collection. Previously falling hard for the laid-back preppy trend and dressing everything with a boyfriend blazer, I'm expanding my wardrobe options to include an array of different warm winter style choices.

I LOVE this knitted card from St Frock. Its quite a thick, closed knit so it's super warm, and the long length also contributes to it being super cosy. The Aztec print is fun, but still keeps a somewhat reserved quality due to the monochrome colours used (which I love). The waterfall neckline is soft and fluid, and can easily be wrapped around if you wanted to try a different look.

I've paired with super casual pieces for a laid-back look. Leather pants are another winter wardrobe staple, and I would encourage anyone who doesn't own a pair to save up and by one. They're definitely an investment piece but are well worth the money; just remember they do stretch over time, so if you are between sizes you're better to size down than size up, or they will slowly end up too big.