Monday, 9 March 2015


There are occasions in life where all I really want is to forget about "street style" and being "edgy" and just enjoy putting on a dress and feeling girly for a change. I guess I didn't quite get there with this outfit because it's actually a well-disguised playsuit; but maybe thats the genius of it; sometimes you really can have everything.

For years I've struggled with the fact that though I'm in my mid-twenties, certain parts of my body failed to have seen the point in maturing past that of a girl in her early teens. This meant in my late teens and early twenties, push up bras were my best friend. In hindsight I can see they never really did me any favours; and I'm now at a point where I feel comfortable with my body and actually feel fortunate to remain relatively flat-chested. I love that I have no issue wearing lace bralettes every day, I love that I can wear strapless, backless and low-sided clothes and not stress about needing to wear a bra at all...all this time I thought having no boobs sucked - now I realise it was a blessing in disguise all along.

The great thing about designers these days is that they are actually creating garments with girls like me in mind. The addition of wire in the neckline of pieces such as this jumpsuit means we needn't be concerned that our clothes are going to fall off because we don't have anything to hold them up - the clothes do that themselves. This playsuit also features a beautiful sheer skirt overlay over the shorts, meaning its both flattering and practical (and let's face it; you get to a certain age and your upper thighs don't necessarily look as good as they used to, and having a sheer skirt to hide the specific details definitely can't be frowned at).

I feel like this post is making me sound extremely old; but as a blogger it can be all too easy to forget about the reality of our readers - and sometimes you need to step back and think about things with a practical approach as well as an aesthetic one. Yes - I adore this playsuit because of how beautiful it looks, but I also love it because it does numerous favours for my body, with very little help from myself at all.