Wednesday, 18 March 2015


Wearing 'Orchid Morph' tank by Josh Goot (via David Jones, on sale $165), 'Outlaws' by One Teaspoon (half price sale, $50), 'Cersei' mules by Spurr (via The Iconic), 'Bohemian Bardot' ring in kingstone / gold by Samantha Wills (via St Frock), 'Lexington' watch by Michael Kors (via David Jones)

It's really no secret that I have a love affair with colour. I write about it in a large number of my posts, and if I'm ever faced with the decision of "you can only buy one - which will you choose?" even if I initially love the monochrome option more - nine times out of ten I will cave and end up buying whichever is the brightest and most visually exciting.

Due to this, and other numerous factors, when asked I often struggle to define my personal style. My tastes are very fluid; and I am attracted to individual pieces rather than any one particular style or trend. Some girls are inherently sports luxe; some will only wear monochrome outfits; some are notably feminine...but I don't see myself as any one of these things, and prefer to take each day as it comes and dress to represent the way I'm feeling (which anyone who knows me well can confirm will be totally different from one day to the next).

I feel like this outfit represents each of the things I adore about young womens' fashion of today. First and foremost, the stunning, vibrant print on this tee, aptly titled 'Orchid Morph' by designer Josh Goot. The beautiful print combined with the shape of the tee is why I love it so much - although the bright colours and obvious floral representation make it quite feminine; the muscle tank shape of the top gives it an edgy, bold persona. The same theme continues with the shorts - although they are a reasonably short style; the dropped crotch makes them feel slightly masculine rather than preppy. And if I'm going to go really far I will say this is also why I love the shoes - although they are a soft, pastel pink colour, the chunky block heel gives them a strong, grounded feel; rather than super feminine.

Another reason I love this particular outfit is because it cost me significantly less than recommended retail to purchase the major pieces. If you really love something and aren't just admiring it because its current season or a current trend, sometimes it's better to bide your time, and wait for the sales before spending your money; especially pieces which are quite high-priced to begin with. I loved this top for over eight months before I bought it; and due to that it was on a discount rack at David Jones or nearly a third of the original cost. Many companies that do a lot or all of their business through online stores will also hold regular flash sales, so its a great idea to sign up to the online mailing lists of your favourite brands to keep up to date of when these sales will occur. I got these One Teaspoon shorts for 50% off through a 'VIP' online sale (for email subscribers),  and many companies offer the same thing at numerous times throughout the year.
Its one sure way to get a designer wardrobe for a fraction of the original cost, and we all know anything purchased on sale is practically saving money, right? ;)