Saturday, 3 January 2015


Wearing: Bikini Top by T by Alexander Wang (via Green With Envy), Bikini Bottoms by Victoria's Secret

I have a long-standing love affair with men's surf magazines. While the other teenage girls were out buying 'Dolly' and 'Girlfriend', I was expanding my collection of 'Waves' and 'Tracks'. I think it had something to do with how real they were; they didn't talk about '10 tips to kissing perfectly' or other silly pointless things like that, they were filled with articles about amazing places around the world where the best surf breaks were, art, music, and other things I actually cared about. 
I tried surfing once in my mid-teens when we were visiting family friends in Batemans Bay; but it really didn't go well...a too-small board combined with very messy waves and my own personal un-coordination made it a guaranteed failure right from the start. Several years later I was lucky enough to be treated to a proper Learn to Surf lesson at Manly, by my old boss when I worked in Landscape Design. This time it wasn't a complete failure - but honestly one of the most thrilling and 'connected' experiences I've ever had in my life. At that moment, I felt like I was exactly where I wanted & needed to be, and I could have floated out in the ocean on that surfboard forever. I stood up a few times, and it was awesome to know it was something I was actually capable of after my disappointment of my first attempt years prior.

Living in the middle of a farming community an hour and a half north-west of Sydney; learning to surf is not something that has ever really been an easy mission for me, and I've been content to admire from afar. But I could't resist taking these photos when I had the chance. 

I love this bikini top. LOVE. I often wear it as an alternative to a bra, because the back detail is awesome and looks great under a low-back or sheer top. It was exxy, but completely worth it. I had also loved the high-neck bandeau version that came out at the same time, but with so many girls buying it I opted for this one to be different, while still maintaining the sports luxe style. And I love that I did - because it means I can also wear it under tops without a high neckline (unlike the other bikini, which would have looked completely odd under a tee with a low neck at the front).

I borrowed the surfboard from a be honest there is no way I could surf on this thing. Its way too small (and I think the only reason I was successful at Manly was because we were on huge foam boards). But hey - I'll live with that.