Friday, 30 January 2015

Striped Affair

Wearing: 'One Way Ticket' Stripe Dress via St Frock, New Balance '420' Sneakers (via Asos), 'Double Pearl' bracelet from All Stars Glitter

Mixing feminine and masculine, dressy and sports luxe, formal and casual have become common elements of the modern fashionista's day-to-day dressing. Gone are the days where low-cut dresses were reserved for parties and sneakers were reserved for the gym - all the lines have been blurred or wiped out completely as we move into a time where it's acceptable - and totally normal - to pair our clothes in ways we never would have considered only a few years ago.

To be honest I'm so not the sneaker type - but I succumbed to the society standard and trawled the internet until I found a pair of them I really loved. This pair of New Balance '420s' is exactly what I wanted; they're understated and basic enough I can wear them whenever (without them taking over the outfit) and they're comfy enough that I can wear them all day without my feet hating me for it. Being a die-hard fan of my Isabel Marant 'Bobbys', I was always concerned I wouldn't be able to find a pair of sneakers that were both on-trend and comfortable (because as much as I love them, wearing a pair of Bobbys for too long eventually feels like wearing fully-fledged heels) so I consider these to be more than perfect.

I'm also totally not the type to wear low cut dresses; due to my obvious lack of cleavage - and always feeling like I was missing the integral element that warranted wearing these pieces. However recently something clicked in my head and I realised, perhaps that's exactly why I can wear them? This dress quickly worked ints way into my wardrobe, and its a great casual piece. One thing I will note is the length - however I believe this is due to the fact I have a 'longer than average' torso - this is a dress more suited to the short-bodied girls of the world. With that said; its a super soft & lightweight jersey fabric, and its so comfortable to wear.