Friday, 26 December 2014


Wearing: 'Walk the Talk' Jumpsuit from St Frock, 'Midnight Muse' fedora by Lack of Color, Sandals by Tony Bianco, Jewellery by All Stars Glitter

Summer dressing should be all about relaxed shapes and cool, lightweight pieces that you can wear anywhere, any time, and not have to stress about comfort or practicality or any of those boring factors that get in the way of wearing awesome clothing all year round.

With that being said I'm a total fan of jumpsuits, because they tick all of the above boxes. Gone is the effort required to match your top to your bottom, gone is the struggle of deciding between skirt or shorts or high waist or hipster; your morning outfit decision-making is reduced to whether you want long legs or short legs, which will primarily be determined by the weather anyway (and that means decision making is down to zero!) total score.

This jumpsuit from St Frock is stunning, and so easily dressed up or down with a simple change of shoes & addition of jewellery. The floral print was the first thing that caught my eye; which has a beautiful vintage feel, and the straps are adjustable; so if you want a little less-revealing style it's easily achievable. The waist for can also be synched in or loosened with the tie; another simple way to change the look.

Pair with simple strappy sandals, stacked rings & a Lack of Colour fedora for a boho vibe perfect for the Summer ahead x