Monday, 10 November 2014


Wearing: 'Angular Tank' & 'Calculus Trumpet Skirt' from Ministry of Style, Heels by Tony Bianco, Jewellery from All Stars Glitter

This skirt is everything. You know those times where you come across something (whether it be a fashion item, a perfume, a lipstick shade, an artwork...) and you feel your heart skip a beat, because you feel as though you've never seen anything so perfect? That's how I felt when I first laid my eyes on this skirt. And granted next week there will probably be something new that steals my heart away, but for now I'm obsessing over how this feels as though it was made just for me. 

Put simply, colour makes me happy, and this outfit has an abundance of it. As I've written in numerous posts before, where possible I will usually match my shoes to the colour of my top. Yellow was my favourite colour when I was about 15; and to be honest I haven't worn much of it since then, but it adds a beautiful summery pop to this outfit that I absolutely love. 

Also I have to mention these gorgeous jewelry pieces from online boutique All Stars Glitter. These dainty knuckle rings come in a set of five, perfect for stacking and creating a whole look without having to buy several individual pieces (for girls like me who appreciate simplicity sometimes!) and this stunning double pearl bracelet has hardly left my wrist. Both the bracelet and the rings are simplistic, feminine designs that can be worn with any outfit, and the prices are so ridiculously affordable you won't believe when you see them! Definitely a website worth a look at x