Thursday, 18 September 2014

Fashion Patriots

Recently I was asked to take part in an international blogging challenge titled 'Fashion Patriots'. The idea of this was to create an outfit which you believed represented your country, together with a brief explanation.

I felt this look perfectly captured my favourite elements of Australia and our unique fashion scene. The typical Aussie girl's wardrobe consists of a combination of classic chic pieces (like the button-down shirt) and beach-ready attire, like these absolutely beautiful shorts by Talulah from their Swim & Resort collection. The print on the shorts also represents two of the most loved natural elements of our stunning country; the tropical flowers and the amazing oceans. Worn with a bright bikini to accentuate the details of the shorts (the pink tassles are soooo amazing!) and an Acubra-style hat from ever favourites Lack of Color, to me there couldn't be anything more quintessentially Australian! x