Monday, 4 August 2014


Wearing: Bec & Bridge stripe tee (via Stylemilk), Victoria's Secret wrap bandeau bikini top (on sale, $19.95), Zara Basic blazer, Bardot jeans, PeepToe 'Miss Kourtney' heels, jewellery by Circa Fashion

Probably one of the most significant trends that has emerged over the past twelve months would be wearing a bustier / cami / crop over a semi-loose fitting tee (thanks to amazingly stylish women like Tash Sefton of They All Hate Us). I admit it's a trend I had tried to master on several occasions; but after staring in my bedroom mirror for a good half hour and trying to muster up the confidence in my outfit choice to walk out the front door wearing it, I would end up taking off the cami and proceed to leave the house looking incredibly average.

Maybe I could put it all down to my [lack of] confidence; or maybe I had just never been putting the right pieces together.

The most significant issue I was having when trying to put together a tee & crop combo was that I was always using a style of crop or cami which had straps. This doesn't necessarily always work; especially if it is quite tight and you're styling with a loose tee. You get this frustrating bunching up of the tee across your chest above where the neckline of the crop sits; which is nearly impossible to get rid of, and makes you look like you're always haunching. Some women have this incredible ability to make anything just work - but for the rest of us it all comes down to clever piece selection.

That being said; a style of bustier like the 'Reflection Bustier' by Cameo the Label is absolutely perfect for nailing this look; because it doesn't have annoying straps you need to deal with. In the same way that's why I loved this Victoria's Secret bikini top - it sits perfectly over the tee and doesn't cause any issues for the tee worn below. Choosing a style of tee which is slightly fitted (not skin tight; but which does follow the lines of your body) will also make your tee & crop sit better.

If you're not someone totally self conscious like me you can rock this look with boyfriend jeans, however it can make you look a little frumpy if its not done right (which is something I personally cannot manage). Teaming with skinny jeans totally avoids the issue, and creates a really chic silhouette. Team with your favourite stilettos and you're good to go!