Monday, 7 July 2014

The Zone

Wearing: Kenzo jumper ($140, Farfetch sale), Nike crop, RES Denim 'Trashqueen Skinny - The Shining' jeans (via Mary & Me Boutique), NikeSB 'Janoski' sneakers (via CCS)

Fitness is something I will readily admit I know nothing about. My sister is a fully qualified personal trainer, and yet I still cannot manage to complete a squat. I have attempted yoga once in my life; and failed so miserably the instructor told me to lay on the floor in the resting position for the rest of the lesson (after only 20 minutes from walking in). I’ve tried my hand at various sports; none of which turned out too successfully. I guess my point in saying all this is that I therefore don’t have much reason to buy sports-specific clothing (although I wish I did - because it’s one of the only realms of fashion where the mentality still seems to be “the more colour the better”).

I am a self-confessed colour enthusiast. As fashion seems to become more and more about monochromatic looks and clean, crisp silhouettes; I will always love a bright and exciting infusion of colour. 

Looking over the creme de la creme of European fashion houses, Kenzo is a name that immediately jumps to mind as using colour as one of the main impacts of their designs. This print appealed to me on so many levels; and after falling in love with the dress of the same print at The Corner Shop in The Strand (but not being able to justify the purchase), when I stumbled across the jumper while browsing the Farfetch sale online it was like a dream come true. The fabric has a slight scuba feel, which adds to the sporty vibe of the piece and tops off the list of things I love about it.

With that being said; it seemed inevitable to me that this look would pop up on the blog sooner or later. This is about as close to 'sporty' dressing as you will ever find me; combining a Nike crop I bought on impulse (before that one failed yoga attempt), my trusty Kenzo jumper and a pair of my boyfriend's skate shoes (at times like this I love that we have the same size feet). With my lack of any kind of athletic ability or mentality I somehow manage to stay in reasonably good shape; though how is a complete mystery to me...with that being said; I'll take this opportunity to vow to myself that I will at least attempt to go along to one of my sister's PT classes this week.