Thursday, 19 June 2014


Wearing: 'Calypso Coat' by Viktoria + Woods (via Runway Brooklyn), leopard knit by ValleyGirl, white shirt by Supre, leather pants by Theory, boots by Sachi, bag by PeepToe, 'Super Duper' sunglasses by Karen Walker Eyewear

I'm not going to lie - I'm really not a fan of winter. Wearing a million layers of clothing is generally not appealing to me - because nine times out of ten I would rather be comfortable than stylish, and layering is just a chore - (how very un-fashion-conscious of me). But it's true; I prefer fashion to be effortless rather than complicated, and unless you're a millionaire, putting together multiple layers of outerwear to create a resolved, stylish look can feel really daunting.

I don't own a coat to go with every different sweater I own. I also couldn't afford to - even if I did want to (not to mention I just don't have the storage space). Obviously if you're going for a staple and a first choice, neutrals are always a good place to start; because you can pair them back with so many different things to create a variety of looks that all work well together. Black or camel are going to be popular season in and season out - they will never really go out of style - which is also why they're going to be the best investment long-term. If you'd rather a colour option, deep navy blue, deep emerald green and deep burgundy would be great options to consider; again because they're all classics and will never truly go out of style. Steer away from pastels and bright colours unless you've already got your neutrals covered - because chances are by next winter you'll be regretting not having a staple on hand to go with new-season colours in knits and tops.

I love this look, because although my sweater and coat are the same colour, the leopard print on the sweater adds another dimension and creates a difference between the two pieces. The white details of the shirt at the collar, cuffs and hem also break up the two camel tones, and adds a hint of freshness overall. Teaming with black leather pants for winter is always a winner. I love them with these boots from Sachi, which have a suede finish and can be worn either up as I have here, or folded down half way to create an ankle boot. Who doesn't love versatility in their shoes! Two pairs in one is definitely a bonus when you're short on shoe space ( Either way, I'm definitely not complaining!