Saturday, 31 May 2014


Born in sunny Australia, Iya is crystal clear waters, palm trees, sunkissed skin  and sandy buns.
The Iya girl lives life to its fullest, she falls in love easily, she jumps deep into the ocean, she takes chances and makes mistakes, she goes with her gut, she's a dreamer and an explorer but most of all, she lives for the moment, lives for the now.

Who of us isn't constantly trawling magazines, websites and instagram searching for the latest and greatest in innovative swimwear? (If you answered 'not me', I don't believe you!) New kid on the block IYA Australia will undoubtedly provide exactly what you're looking for.

IYA's use of edgy shapes and a classic black colour palette allows the designs to be the true heros of this collection. There is a style to satisfy the swimwear wants and needs of every fashion-forward female; from the sports luxe styling of the 'Tape Piece' to the sexy shape of the 'Beat Piece' and the confident lines of the 'Cloud Piece'. Your hardest decision will likely be which one to purchase first; and with Australian Summer still a dot on the horizon you have plenty of time to acquire all your favourites.

If you still need convincing; each piece is priced at under $100 AUD, with the majority of styles under $70.


Live. Life. Love. Iya.