Monday, 19 May 2014

Bec & Bridge - 'Due North'

Bec & Bridge - MBFWA 2014

She realised that there was no final destination, and with that epiphany, her journey really began.
Blazing a trail across continents, both those of her heart and the earth, she took her time, invoking the spirit of those that had come before her and those that would inevitably follow. Taking techniques and elements from each land she embraced bohemia.
In the morning it's a modern nostalgia; layers of fluid sand and battered indigo. Textured linen and hand dyed silks -  well worn leather and the lightest of denims. Contrasts that feel nothing if not nostalgic. As the sun goes down she sheds her skin and things become simple; fitted and fluid at once and exactly perfect for what the night might hold.
An adventure. Due North.

words thanks to Adam Worling PR x