Monday, 17 March 2014

Double Up

Wearing Bec & Bridge 'Positano' tee and structured short, Windsor Smith 'Mara' patent heels, Michael Kors 'Lexington' watch, Carly Paiker 'Aztec String Friendship' bracelet

One of the current top trends circulating the fashion world is the printed twin set. Being a total fan of just about anything fun, colourful, and printed of course this is an absolute joy to me, and is a trend I fully intend to make the absolute most of as long as it lasts.

One of the most daunting things about attempting this look is probably the feeling that, "Am I making way too much of a statement for an everyday outfit by wearing so much of the one print?" Basically the thing to remember is you have to feel confident in what you're wearing; and that confidence will be perceived by the people around you! There's no point wearing something you don't feel comfortable in; so find a print that represents you and your personal style, whether it be a particular motif or colour combination or some other element that really speaks to you, and rock that look!

This print is one of my personal favourites, from Bec & Bridge's Spring '12 collection 'The Golden Isle'. And yes I know that is stepping it back a bit now, but there's something about tropical florals that will never truly go out of style! The thick, satin feel and look of the fabric gives these pieces a chic appearance, and an air of sophistication that make it totally suitable for day, night or a special occasion ensemble (however if it was for the latter I would opt for the flowy shorts in the same print as opposed to the structured shorts; for a bit more femininity).

Another fun thing to try is to create an outfit using two or more pieces featuring the same print but in varying colourways, if they are available. This works particularly well if one of the pieces is a monochrome rendition and one features a beautiful bold colour, or alternatively with two coloured options which have complementing shades (example if one piece features a blue print and one features purples). This will inject an amount of difference into your outfit while still maintaining the 'twin set' look.