Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Beauty Edit

 It's about time I posted another beauty edit, and this time I have gathered together a selection of my favourite skin and hair products that I have been using whenever possible!

As more and more organic products make their way into our kitchens, it makes sense that we would also look into organic alternatives for other things in our daily lives and routines. Kosmea is an incredible company boasting all Australian made and owned products, focused on delivering a range of organic skin care products without any harmful chemical ingredients. 
One of the key ingredients they do use in the majority of their products is rose hip oil. Filled with essential fatty acids and proven to reduce the appearance of scarring and stretch marks, increase hydration and moisture to the skin and improve skin tone in general, it is definitely something you will wonder how you ever survived without. 

These three products are so easy to accommodate in your day-to-day skin care regime. 

Rosewater Mist is a delicate spray perfect for adding light hydration to your skin. It can also be used both before and after you apply your make up as both a toner and a setter; talk about versatile! 

Youth Boost is probably my favourite skin care product - ever. This serum is one step up from concentrated rose hip oil, and incorporates a range of additional key ingredients including organic pomegranate and camellia oils. It is super hydrating and helps to reduce & prevent the signs of ageing as well as promoting skin elasticity and hydration. 
I use this at night after my usual skin care regime, as it does have an 'oily' feel and does require a bit of down time to be absorbed by the skin. That being said though it can definitely also be used in the morning as a pre-make up treatment (which I also do!) and leaves the skin feeling beautiful and soft.
One thing to note is that considerable results and changes to skin texture won't be instantaneous; it takes nearly a month for the skin to fully regenerate so don't give up if you don't see changes in the first week! I've been using Youth Boost for nearly eight weeks now and am so so happy with the results I've had.

Apple of My Eye is a new product from Kosmea, and is something I wish I'd had sooner! I literally cannot believe how much of a difference it has made to the appearance of my eyes; when I didn't even realise I needed it. This cream is made with rose hip oil, white tea extract and shea butter, along with the super-active ingredient Swiss Apple stem cells which invigorate and revitalise the skin. Lines you didn't even realise you had will disappear, and general appearance of the eye area is brightened and softened. This is definitely a product I will be using for years to come, and would strongly reccomend to women of any age - you can't go wrong with this!!!

As many girls with naturally curly hair (such as myself) will know and experience, the perfect beach waves you see on celebrities and in magazines don't just 'happen' on their own! The number of days I wash my hair then leave it to dry naturally and end up with a frizzy unworthy-to-leave-the-house mess is beyond frustrating. 
Toni & Guy have created a range of Casual sea salt sprays, which assit in giving your hair that 'I've just spent two weeks relaxing on a tropical island' look, without the expenses (and unfortunately without the holiday - but at least you've got the hair!) They work best when sprayed into wet hair, then scrunched and left to dry naturally. Twisting sections, braiding or wrapping in a bun will give a range of different looks to your waves.

ASAP is a line of Australian skincare products centred around the philosophy that 'asap works hard to make beautiful skin easy'. ASAP products are made from an assortment of naturally derived and environmentally friendly ingredients, and contain no harmful chemicals. One of the key differences between ASAP products and other skin care lines available is their use of AHAs. These active ingredients work to remove the layer of dead skin sells which forms on the outer surface of the skin's epidermis, helping to resurface the skin and leave it smooth, hydrated and regenerated. This is a specialist line that is not stocked in supermarkets or pharmacies, but is available at a number beauticians nationally.  

Another of the frustrations that arises from having naturally curly locks is how flat and lifeless your hair can end up after constant straightening. Toni & Guy's volumising whip helps to combat this, by restoring the hairs' volume and maintaining it's voluptuous nature. I tend to apply a small amount to my wet hair straight after washing, focusing on the roots. After blowdrying or leaving to dry naturally then straighten as usual, and apply again if required. The result is beautifully shiny and volumised straight hair.