Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Bird of Paradise


Wearing: Natasha Gan 'Parrots' structured mini dress, PeepToe Custom Collection 'Miss Cherry' heels, patent coral clutch (purchased in Vietnam)

As I've said in so many posts before, I love colour. I practically thrive on it - to me an outfit without colour is like a world without oxygen....not something I'd cope with too easily. I also love anything tropical; birds, plants, the lifestyle in it shouldn't be the least bit surprising to learn that the minute I saw this stunning Natasha Gan dress, I was beyond in love.

Everything about this dress emulates summer, and where / how I would much rather be spending it. The incredible reflected placement print, featuring majestic gold and cobalt Macaws along with Elephant Palms and Bird of Paradise flowers, overlays a Moroccan tile inspired pattern, which is visible across the sleeves. Every single part of this dress gives you something new and exciting to admire, which is another thing I love about it! I am a total fan of conversation-starting outfits, and this dress would definitely be high on anyone's list. It is made of a denim-like fabric (surprisingly!) which is actually a positive; because it doesn't get 'hot' like some satin-y fabrics (and you don't have to stress about un-intended awkward and embarrassing sweat patches - gross!) The sturdy twill fabrication also means the dress holds its shape very well, creating the structured boxy sleeves and also hiding any potential 'problem areas' you may feel your body has.

For this look I chose to team the dress with strong-coloured accessories, which complement and amplify the amazing graphic pattern without competing for attention. Block coloured pieces are a great choice to pair with a boldly printed statement piece, because they work well together without drawing the eye away from the main feature garment. These vibrant PeepToe heels which I designed myself as part of PeepToe's 'Custom Collection' are the perfect accompaniment to the dress, accentuating the bright green shades which feature throughout the leaves and tile patterns of the print. Likewise, the coral colour of the clutch picks up the warm orange shades of the flowers, and carries them into the accessories. Usually I would suggest matching your shoes to your clutch (or other accessories, to tie all the pieces together if they are a different colour / print to your main clothing items) but for this look I love that the bold clashing colours actually act to tie the whole look together!