Monday, 9 December 2013

Ying Yang

Wearing: Ziggy Denim 'Ying Yang Shark' tie-up shirt & 'Boogie Right' shorts, Vans 'Authentic Lo Pro' sneakers

You know when you're around someone so much, and their habits and interests start to rub off on you? I guess that's how I was with my boyfriend's intense love of sharks. When viewing the new Ziggy Denim summer range, as soon as I laid eyes on this shark print tie-up crop I knew I needed one. The fact that there is also a matching guy's button-up shirt just made it even more perfect (OTT awesome matching couple's outfits anyone?!) 

Ziggy has this incredible ability to design pieces that are edgy and fun and also make you feel rebellious and liberated, just by putting one on. Definitely a feeling easy to get addicted to! I'm obsessed with so many pieces from this season and the ridiculously cool prints included through out  - from the Ying Yang shark print featured on this top to the Fractured Fiesta print (which is made up of dancing skeletons in 'Day of the Dead' festivities); they're definitely awesome for both guys and girls who like things a little bit different.

These shorts are also from the current Ziggy Denim collection, and are another piece perfect for summer. This look shouts summer music festival, casual backyard BBQ party, beach chills, or hanging at Bondi bowl...whatever your laid-back summer heart desires!