Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Peachy Shark Attack

 Wearing: Ziggy Denim 'Peachy Shark Attack' Laneway Dress & Insane in the Brain 5 panel cap, Converse sneakers

Firstly, I can't wear caps. I try, but they never suit me. I was never the tomboy girl who could dress like a boy and still manage to look super stunning like the girls on Tumblr (back before Instagram was around, and everyone was obsessed with Tumblr...) I tried but I always just looked like an oddly awkward boy with long hair and mascara on. 
I decided to go against my fear of caps for this post, because the two-timing print combination of the cap with the dress was just too good to pass up. So if you can see the oddly awkward look in my eyes in every one of these pictures; just letting you know that's the explanation.

Ziggy Denim is an awesome Melbourne label which was born from the ideas of a guy (who refuses to be known as a designer) who wanted to create jeans to be lived in - not just worn. Like, really lived in. Every little messy thing you do should become a part of the clothes - the more you trash them the better they become. They're the canvas for you to fill with the art that is your life (poetic metaphors here). He encourages the people who purchase his products to mutate (probably the best word to describe it, going from his idealogy) their jeans, shorts, shirts, dresses etc. until they are a unique representation of the wearer...I know - it's deep. But he seems like an awesomely down to earth guy who knows that owning something you're practically too scared to even wear is no fun - so he entered the apparel world with the vision of creating a denim label that was wearable as well as fun. 

Every season has an assortment of slightly left-of-centre prints that someone such as myself just found instantly amazing. A lot have a hand-drawn cartoony sort of feel like the shark print in this look, which has various human limbs protruding from the open mouths of the not-too-happy looking sharks. I love it. I've always been a fan of the odd and quirky, and from the first time I laid eyes on a Ziggy lookbook I knew it was going to be a label I would love for seasons to come. 

I guess you would say Ziggy is a denim label not for the faint of heart. Slightly obnoxious, rebellious and self-assured, Ziggy goes where it wants and does what it wants without a single concern of making sure it's keeping anyone else happy. It's got no expectations except to make every occasion a good one - usually including some kind of mess, spill, burn or splatter which contributes to the individuality of every Ziggy garment. 

Keep an eye out for more of my Ziggy Denim posts in the next couple of weeks!