Tuesday, 17 September 2013

4th and Bleeker for Billabong

Alexandra Spencer of 4th and Bleeker would have to be one of the most globally-recognised model / bloggers, with a covetable style and the stamps in her passport to make any girl who lusts to travel seriously weak at the knees. The collaboration between Alex and Billabong has given her the perfect outlet to share her distinctive personal style with the masses; something we should all feel so lucky about!

This collection is all about transitions and blurred boundaries; first and foremost that Billabong brings the beach to Alex, and she brings the city to Billabong. It's a collection she's described as designed to be worn out - not just worn. A variety of garments overflowing with leopard print and relaxed shapes; low-cut necklines and distressed denim; seeping her distinctive personal style out of every thread and fabric. It's different to your regular Billabong style as it's designed for a city lifestyle; equally as comfortable on the beach as in a bar or at a fashion week event. There's no limits to where it can be worn, or how it can be worn.

In her own words, “I wanted to create a collection that I could throw in a suitcase and have everything I needed for whenever I was away.” True to her jet-set lifestyle it's a collection comprising all the must-have pieces; the perfect jeans, hot mini dresses, tomboy denim and bomber jackets along with oversized shirts, mini skirts and denim shorts. Equal parts sexy and sophisticated, the collaboration which is now available world-wide really does offer something for everyone.

In Australia you can find the Billabong x 4th and Bleeker collection available in Surf, Dive 'n' Ski stores, and ONLINE HERE.

More of the incredible campaign shots featuring Alex herself -

Info via http://www.billabonggirls.com.au/blog-post/2105/4th-and-bleeker-for-billabong