Thursday, 26 September 2013


Wearing: Josh Goot 'Eel Insert' flare skirt (studio sale, $500), August Street 'Georgie' dress (worn as a crop), Windsor Smith 'Mara' heels (on sale, $49.95), PeepToe patent clutch (warehouse sale, $19)

Even on sale I think this skirt is one of the most expensive things I own, but on a cost to love ratio it is totally worth it. Easily my favourite thing I think I've ever owned; this piece of Goot perfection tops my clothing love list. I featured it in a Polyvore set back when I first started my blog; and never actually expected to find it in my posession - with a $1,250 RRP price tag it was definitely more of an aspirational piece rather than an achievable one. But to my absolute joy and amazement there were a select few at a studio sale earlier this year, and I knew I wouldn't be leaving without it. It is made of a thin scuba fabric with silk bonded to the outside, which gives the skirt its amazing body. I can't even say how many compliments I've received when wearing this; from young teenage girls right through to grandmothers it seems everyone is in love!

The crop is sure to be one of the biggest trends this summer. If you're a bit cautious of trying this look for yourself (for the exposure factor) one tip I can offer is to first consider a structured style rather than a tight-fitting, stretch jersey option; that way it's more likely to appear chic and stylish. 
If you're a fan of reinventing your wardrobe and have a past-season dress you love the colour / print / bodice shape of but can't see yourself wearing as a dress anymore you can always do as I have in this look, and cut it into a top. This way you can determine the ideal length - I have a rather long torso so regular crops appear quite a lot shorter on me than some other girls, so I prefer a slightly longer style. Your options are entirely endless! 

If you're wearing an outfit with a statement piece it's a good idea to make sure your shoes aren't going to compete for attention. A basic strappy heel is the perfect accompaniment; try to match them to a colour you're already wearing so that they tie into the look and finish it off subtly, rather than drawing the attention away from the feature garment.