Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Stripes & Frills

Wearing: Pink Stitch 'Shaka' Cami, By Johnny peplum skirt (on sale, $70), RMK 'Elouise' heels
By Johnny is one label that I will always absolutely adore. Johnny Schembri is an amazing designer, and his distinctly feminine choice in colours and prints repeatedly leave me weak at the knees. This skirt is by far one of my favourite things I own, from any label, and will be one piece I will struggle to ever part with.
I remember the first time I ever saw someone wearing this skirt was a year or two back now; I was out at a club for a friend's birthday and a girl sat down next to me wearing it. From that minute I was absolutely mesmerised and I knew I had to own one. I resisted telling her how much I loved it (she looked like she was having a rough night as it was without adding the fear that the random girl next to her wanted to steal her clothes straight off her body) but instead vowed to myself that one day I would have one to call my very own.
The day they went on sale was a massive surprise to me (why hadn't something so amazing already sold out?!) but I was lucky enough to find one in my size and to say I was thrilled is an understatement! Needless to say I instantly bought one, and it will forever be a favourite in my wardrobe.