Tuesday, 9 April 2013

New & Old Favourites

 (we shot this post in Canberra - it was so windy and absolutely freezing!)

Wearing: Les Plus Dores 'Margiela' tee via  TuchuzyLee denim jacket (purchased years ago from Glue Store on sale for $70), August Street 'Agnes' shorts, Windsor Smith 'Mara' Patent Heels (on sale, $49.95), PeepToe quilted leather handbag

 I was quite excited when I found that Tuchuzy (a designer boutique located in Bondi) stocked the Les Plus Dores designer dream team tees, as after contemplating purchasing one online from overseas (with a ridiculous $100+ shipping fee) it was a relief to know they were stocked somewhere closer to home. Still, at $99 for a basic tee they're not cheap, but for the latest trend in 'designer' fashion comparitavely they're a good price; its worth it for the wear you will get out of one (they're also constructed of an awesomly comfy great quality jersey, so you really will never want to take it off).

Another thing I'm finding hard to take off are these August Street faux leather shorts. They're made of a perforated fabric which is different to most other labels are using, giving them a bit of individuality, and they are ridiculously comfy and go with just about anything.They can also be thrown straight in the washing machine when they're dirty - major plus!!

My Lee denim jacket has been a wardrobe staple for the past few years, and is one of the best sale bargains I've ever come across. It's one size too small (it was the last one left and I couldn't bear to walk out of the store without it) but that hasn't stopped me from wearing it nearly obsessively. Every season when new denim jackets are released I contemplate buying a new one, but am still yet to find one with a cut and colour as good as this gem.

 This PeepToe handbag is absolutely gorgeous. I purchased it from one of the PeepToe Alexandria warehouse sales a few years ago, and I still love it as much today as I did then. It has a beautiful diamond-detailed quilted pattern and gold hardware, and I got it for an absolute bargain price (I just can't remember how much!) PeepToe have the most amazing range of accessories as well as shoes, and I will definitely be posting with some new-season items soon!

 ...finishing this post off with a photobomb from my boyfriend / photographer's best friend; I guess thats what I get for gate-crashing their Canberra skate trip with my blogging!