Friday, 15 March 2013

Supreme x Comme Des Garcons Shirt Spring 2013

 I guess given the nature of the label it was inevitable that sooner or later Supreme would have a female feature in one of their campaigns, and there could be no more perfect match for their Spring 2013 collaboration with Comme Des Garçons Shirt than Chloe Sevigny. Not just any label that could pull off using a female actress / model to promote their clothes and still have them portrayed in the way originally intended (as opposed to looking like little more than a cheap way of making guy's clothes look 'sexy') but Supreme isn't your typical men's streerwear label, and that's probably why this works.

I first saw Chloe Sevigny in Larry Clark's 1995 flick 'Kids' about a year ago (a somewhat-disturbing movie about a group of teens who led a very different lifestyle to what I did at their age); and funnily enough oweing to the fact that I watched it with the person who also really introduced me to Supreme I've always considered there to be some intangible connection between the label and the actress. Perhaps this is why the combination seems so perfect to me; I do not consider there to be any other female who could do such an amazing job of embodying a men's collection without 'stripping' its integrity (no pun intended; but I am getting pretty deep here).

Basically, I love everything about this campaign and collection. As always Supreme offers a stylised camo print, and CDGS offers a polka dot overlay which complement each other perfectly. In the fashion of the Spring '12 co-lab collection the Supreme text is featured as a mirror-image in the classic box logo, and all the usual suspects; the basic logo tee, camp cap, hoodie and classic button shirt are present. Skater Jason Dill is added in the mix to provide the masculine element, and everything just works to absolute perfection.
Hopefully there is some way I will be able to get my hands on one of the tees soon!