Friday, 15 February 2013


Wearing: Supreme 'Navy Zebra' Camp Cap, Supre Basic White Tank, Bec & Bridge 'Bianco' Lace Shorts, Converse 'Chuck Taylors'

(No face / back / side in this one. Didn't realise that until after we'd finished shooting - whoops.)

Also not the outfit I'd planned to wear - realised I'd left my anticipated skirt at home only after we'd driven nearly an hour away. Nothing was really going right here. There was also no floor - I'm standing on exposed beams three stories up - above a 3 metre drop to the next floor down - which was deteriorated floor boards at risk of rotting out with every step. Not really a 'safe' destination in any sense of the word. 

Basically the point of this [amended] look was to be all white with the hat the feature. This piece of 'preme goodness set me back a hefty $115, worth it for a genuine product but still the most expensive hat I'll ever be buying! That being said though; I admit I'm a die-hard Supreme fan. This isn't a typical thing for a girl - especially in Australia - but it is the one streetwear label I really see to have class. The exclusivity of the label is second-to-none in its market, and Jebber has built Supreme up to have a following similar to that of the European couture houses rather than an American street apparel brand. 

On many occasions I have dressed these gorgeous Bec & Bridge shorts up (another look which I will hopefully be uploading soon is a great example of this), but wanted to take this chance to dress them 'down' instead. I actually love this all white look, and this is one outfit I would happily wear in public without feeling like a snowball with legs. The Converses were a purchase a few weeks ago, and have hardly left my feet since. A long-anticipated addition to my ever-growning shoe hoard (aka the back seat of my car) they're about as versatile as you can get and go with just about anything. Same for a good Supre basic - this is just one of the many basic tops I have bought from Supre, as they are always a great shape for a great price. Sure I can go overboard with my purchases sometimes, but this is the one chain store I will keep coming back to.