Sunday, 10 February 2013

Poppy Love

Wearing: Bec & Bridge 'Falling Poppies' blouse (from Chloe Boutique) & shorts (from Style Milk), RMK heels (from Polly Shoes)

I fell in love with the gorgeous Bec & Bridge Falling Poppies floral print the moment I saw their Autumn behind-the-scenes shots on instagram many months ago. I thought at the time it was a curious choice considering the Rosetta floral print was only the previous season, but the refreshing take on placements, shapes and fabrics meant the two have ended up looking quite different (and equally as beautiful).
This blouse and shorts were two items I knew I had to have when collection images were released mid-January. As soon as stores began adding their 'coming soon' images, I was thrilled to see that two of my favourite stores, Chloe Boutique and Style Milk would have me covered on purchasing these pieces. I knew on receiving both items that they would make an amazing outfit when styled together, as the sheer fabric of the blouse complemented the shorts (of which I was SO lucky to get a pair with perfectly matching front print placement - something which wasn't common through all pairs), meaning there was enough difference in the items to create a beautiful combination.
I'm not one to shy away from a sheer top, so I chose to wear the blouse with a simple white strapless bra underneath (if I can find a white triangle bra I will be wearing that instead, but at the time of this post I hadn't been able to track one down yet, it seems the brands making them prefer bright colours!) it's enough to look intentional without 'cheapening' the overall look of the outfit. The strappy white and tan RMK heels are a simple final addition that give the outfit a sophisticated appeal.