Thursday, 14 February 2013

Monochrome Lust List

1. Josh Goot - Eel Insert Flare Skirt
2. Senso - Quimat Boots
3. Nicole Fahri - Brenton Drape Stripe Tee
4. T by Alexander Wang  - Mesh Combo Bikini Top
5. Thakoon - Leather Gym Shorts
6. Ray Ban - Wayfarers
7. Les Plus Dores - Designer Dream Team Tee
8. 3.1 Phillip Lim - Asymmetric Folded Wool Mini Skirt
9. Isabel Marant - Bekket Sneakers
10. Alexander Wang - Diego Textured Leather Shoulder Bag
It's no secret that I'm a colour fanatic, but everyone needs some staple monochrome pieces in their wardrobe.
These are the things I am currently swooning over, especially the Josh Goot skirt (probably because of that amazing print - if it has to be in black & white at least give me an incredible print to work with! Seeing it on Miranda didn't do it any harm either), and of course the Les Plus Dores Designer Dream Team tee (though my ultimate fave of these is Galliano). I have been after one of these shirts for quite a while now, Tuchuzy in Bondi currently has over 70 people on call for when their next delivery arrives, fingers crossed I can score one then!
Another item I am desperate for (hating the price tag though) is the T by Alexander Wang bikini top. Originally taken by the crew-neck version, I realised to get the maximum wear I would be better off with the triangle top, as I would be more likely to wear it as a crop under shirts as opposed to just a biniki (the super high neckline of the crew version limits the pieces it can be worn under, and I've always prefered side boob to full-on clevage).
I was lucky enough to purchase a pair of Senso Qimat boots earlier this week for $187, due to stock being added on Asos at the same time as they had a special 25% off code for students - oh the benefits of having a valid student email address! The Ray Bans are a definite need after recently breaking the pair I have now, and driving around constantly blinded isn't going so great.

The rest of the items are general styles I would like to have purchased before winter comes around. Leather shorts (because no wardrobe should be without this versatile yet statement basic), a new black oversized handbag (and what girl doesn't dream of Wang [no pun intended!]), wedge sneakers (of course Marants are the ultimate dream pair), and an asymmetrical skirt (I know this 3.1 Phillip Lim beauty isn't entirely that style, but it was too incredible not to include, and I'm not even a big fan of grey and I can say that!)

Now comes the part of actually saving so I can make some of these dreams a reality. Lets see what the next few weeks may hold, fingers crossed I can score a few more amazing bargains!