Friday, 8 February 2013

Current Blog Obsession: How Two Live

I am currently completely and absolutely freaking OBSESSED with twins Jess and Stef of the blog 'How Two Live'. Originally only recognised to me as "the girl who wears sun glasses in every one of her pics" I soon realised that there was not one but two (an observation I have failed to make of twins in the past) and then subsequently became equally in fashion-focussed awe of both sisters.

I think the thing I love most about the girls of HTL is they are not afraid to experiment with clashing colours and print-on-print, and in not one single photo do you ever see them wearing a boring monochrome ensemble (okay there was that Shakuhachi leather post, but that was the only one, and it was incredible so it doesn't count). I also love that in most instances their outfits match each other - so although one may look like an outrageous combination on its own when you see the girls together they instantly just work.

A fan of colour myself, I think I feel inspired by the girls because they do exactly what they want with it; and they don't stick to the boring 'normal' conceptions of how things should be worn and aren't afraid to try what others would usually avoid. I wish I had the self-confidence to be even half as fashion forward and self-expressive as they are! Perhaps when I finally get some outfit posts up I will be experiemental with some of the bolder items in my closet but until then, I will continue to swoon over these two. 

All images are from How Two Live.
I would sincerley encourage you to go and spend hours scrolling through their amazing posts, and guarantee you will not find yourself growing bored even once.