Friday, 1 February 2013

Excited for Rosa

Anyone who knows me away from the internet or who has been following me on instagram for some time will know that I am absolutely crazy about the Australian fashion label Bec & Bridge, and the February delivery of their 'Rosa' collection is no exception. 
Since I completed my fashion degree internship there early last year I have been utterly infatuated with nearly all of their designs, and have subsequently acquired a rather over-flowing B&B wardrobe. The start of each new season brings on a long wishlist of purchases I intend to make, and with the Febuary installment of the Autumn collection not too far away here are my favourite looks, of which at least a few will hopefully be hanging in my wardrobe very soon.
I am especially lusting over the leather (yes - real leather!!) lounge pant and the thin-leg track pant, the most practical pieces coming into the colder months and also exactly what I had been thinking I should track down even before seeing these images.
The entire Bec & Bridge 'Rosa' collection can be viewed at